New Church Windows

Church of our Lady, Athenry – Co. Galway

This church has the biggest body of work done by Aria Stained glass. These designs were all done by local artist Vicki Crowley, and the process of manufacturing all the way through to fitting were done by our studio.  Because of the size of each design, it took everyone in the studio to get involved.

Compared to traditional church panels, these designs have bigger pieces of glass, the use of paint is minimal and the subject matter is more relevant to everyday life. Not all saints in highly decorative windows, loaded with detail, but rather everyday people on their daily tasks.

The approach suits the more modern building, where all the stained glass windows are fitted on the inside of the existing clear glass, and all vented to the inside.

Conary Church, Ovoca – Co.Wicklow

Sandblasting Galway Cathedral